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I had a problem with this game, this game always force closed when i try to playing the game, can anybody tell me, whats wrong on my phone ?? Thanks. Btw i have a new blog for popular game of this year at hope you enjoy it

Here is the link! <a href=""></a>

Simple, beautiful, and ever-lasting.

This game is addictive. Not in a Candy Crush, bad kind of way. It is simple and elegant. It is beautiful and relaxing. It is cute, I love chasing these llamas. It requires strategy (like switching to flying suit) to avoid an imminent crash. It evolves (thank goodness I can now spend the 45000 coins I had in bank). I LOVE IT!


Many slowdowns during the play with the last update


Just amazing, fun, endless perfection

Awesome but...

Please correct the issue at level 38. The goal is to perform 35.000 points in a run, but I always get over 40.000 and the goal is not completed. :/

Just awesome

Haven’t had this fun in a while, the art is amazing, there are good characters and cool challenges, everything is completely addictive!

5 stars

Nevermind, i didnt realize some characters were better than others, my bad. This game is simply stunning. A piece of art.

Simply Stunning.

Great game mechanics, grapichs and soundtrack. The Game is very addicting because it is very dynamic and the environment keeps changing. Best game I played for a while. No regrets and worth the price. 5/5.

Great game!

Fantastic graphics, soundtrack, gameplay... Nothing to complain about! Lovely game! Really amazing!


Simply beautiful. There is no other way To describe.


The translation of "land 2 double back flip in one run (lvl 13 goals)" to portuguese is wrong, Im writing here because I didnt found anywhere to report so... thanks for the new update btw!


Love the graphics and the game it-self. Its relaxing and realistic


The double jump is not working!

Bug in level 52.

The counting for landing the 75 backflips isnt accurate at all.

Please fix controller flight suit button!

The game is fantastic and Im now playing it most on Apple TV. But on the Nimbus controller the flight suit is mapped to the Home button, so you leave the game as soon as you activate the suit. Using he controller is way better than the Siri remote, so please please please fix this!


...the game with the new Zen Mode to relax or practice even the wing suit flight.

Zen Mode

I really really like the new Zen Mode, thx a lot for that great little piece of art!


Great game - pick up and play.

Very fun

This is a great public transit app, you can pick it up and play for a few minutes here and there. It is very fun!

Great game!

Hours of fun! One of my favourite games Ive found yet in the Apple Store.

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